34. Let’s Do Dessert aka. Sugar Hit ’13 – Bishop Sessa @ Surry Hills

Rocked up to this restaurant with high expectations for a good dessert on Friday night but… Let’s just say never again for desserts.








Instead of dessert wine, we opted for pineapple juice and orange juice – v. bad idea. Juice is always super sour after something sweet /derp


Apple Terrine with Nougat, Peanut Madeleine and Salted Caramel Ice Cream





Location: 527 Crown St, Surry Hills (Sydney)

For more information, visit: http://sydney.goodfoodmonth.com/details?deal=122149

First off, I was disappointed that the actual dish looked nothing like the one in the picture on the Good Food Month website^  and even more so when I tried it. Another this is that the site calls it an ‘Apple Millefeuile’ when it’s actually an apple terrine which is what the staff called it as well. It was a really apple dominated dessert, more than what I thought since I based my expectations (something fluffly, creamy, or something with a cheesecake texture) on the picture on the site. I like apple pies but I don’t like apples in general so it was a gamble and I lost out. The salted caramel ice cream also came in the melted state that you see in the photos above and those white meringues on top were just hard hard pieces of sugar.

My friends and I considered the meal over after the first spoonful but we felt bad leaving food on the plate so we continued eating. Half way through a big moth flew in, fluttered across our food (ew), and brought an end to our dessert. /sigh of relief.

Bishop Sessa seems to be better known for their normal menu seeing how highly they’re rated on Urbanspoon so maybe another night I’ll give that a try but I’ll probably skip the dessert…

Other Let’s Do Dessert’s:

> Sofitel + Azuma (2 sugar hits in one night)

> Shangri-La

> InterContinental Sydney

> Sheraton on the Park

> Ocean Room



Bishop Sessa on Urbanspoon


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