32. N2 Extreme Gelato – Nitrogen Gelato @ Chinatown

I’ve been here before and they were good, sometimes, but never as good as this time. My most recent visit was so mindblowingly awesome I wanted to share it ASAP since the flavours are forever changing at N2!

2013-10-18 22.36.02-1


2013-10-18 22.24.32-1

2013-10-18 22.24.21-1

2013-10-18 22.24.53-1

The ‘ nitrogen lab’, as I like to call it. Not sure what they call it…

2013-10-18 22.27.29-1

So cool!

Anyway, let’s start on the low.

2013-10-18 22.30.49-1

Lemon, Lime & Bitters – $6. My friends and I didn’t like it. We literally just took 2-3 spoonfuls and just chucked it out… I guess it didn’t work well with the bitters drizzled on top rather than mixed in with the sorbet-textured gelato. It gave it what I found to be a slight unpleasant alcoholic taste. I like lemon, lime & bitters as a drink but in terms of gelato, I much rather stick to the more creamy based flavours.

So moving on to the high – the exciting part!!!!!

Check it out this baby, it’s French Earl Grey Infused with Creme Brulee~ They add some sugar on top and then blow torch it like they would to an actual creme brulee! Mindblowingly awesome.

If you cant be bothered to watch the video, here are some pics :)


ISN’T IT JUST THE COOLEST??????? #soeasilyamused

So here’s the result:

2013-10-18 22.36.02-1

Tadah! The French Earl Grey Infused with Creme Brulee. The splitting image of aΒ real creme brulee, yeah? It’s slightly more expensive though – $8 (It’s what they call an N2BLACK)

2013-10-18 22.36.49-1

But it tasted so good!Β IΒ usually don’t like the top layer of burnt sugar on creme brulees but this one was an exception. It creates a good sugary crunch to complement the ‘creme’ which wasn’t too sweet and overpowering – perfect for my taste buds.

Location: 1 Dixon Street, Chinatown, Central (Sydney)

It’s a bit pricey, one serving of gelato is $6 or $8 depending on which flavour,Β so I’m far from being a regular customer. I’m not always a fan of their flavours but from time to timeΒ they come up with innovative and excitingly unique flavours that makes it worth every dollar – especially if something novelty is involved. On the note of novelty,Β Β I really wanted to try the flavour with the chocolate syringe but I missed out :( I hope they bring it back.Β 

A notable flavour from a past visit (just over a year ago…) which I’ve been wanting to retry ever since, was the ‘Rosemary Baby’. It had a refreshing creamy light taste which I really liked and it’d be great if it could make it back back onto the menu~Β Β 

Anyway, looking forward to more new and exciting extreme gelatos!



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2 thoughts on “32. N2 Extreme Gelato – Nitrogen Gelato @ Chinatown”

  1. I love creme brulee, that gelato looked wicked cool! And the top burnt crust is my favorite part, I like it extra crispy and the one on your gelato looks just perfect!

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