33. Let’s Do Dessert aka. Sugar Hit ’13 – The Gallery Tea Lounge, Sheraton On The Park

A spontaneous Let’s Do Dessert at Sheraton on the Park at The Gallery Tea Lounge after my (also spontaneous) third visit to the Night Noodle Markets – They’re right across the street from each other.






Brown Brothers’ Orange Muscat & Flora Dessert Wine


Guanaja 70% Chocolate Millefeuille served with Hazelnut Praline,  and Chilled Chocolate Orange Sauce topped with thin pistachio buscuit/tuille(?)


Dark chocolate mousse


Dried chocolate pieces


Hazelnut mousse (so said the waiter) with light cream-like texture

For more information, visit: http://sydney.goodfoodmonth.com/details?deal=119595

Walk-in customers are accepted hence the spontaneity.

They should call this dessert a dark chocolate and hazelnut mousse rather than a ‘millefeuille’… There are three ‘layers’, which aren’t that well defined, and are made up of dark chocolate mousse, hazelnut praline and hazelnut mousse. The dark chocolate mousse has 70% cocoa so it was super bitter but the light hazelnut, almost cream-like mousse balances out the bitterness, making it bearable to eat. The problem was that there wasn’t enough of it. None of my friends or I actually finished the whole dessert because it was too rich… The pistachio biscuit and the hazelnut praline was really nice though – probably the only thing I liked about the dessert.

TL;DR? A hit and a miss for me. Maybe those who adore dark chocolate with high cocoa content might be able to appreciate this more than I did.

Other Let’s Do Dessert’s:

> Sofitel & Azuma (2 sugar hits in one night)

> Shangri-La

> InterContinental Sydney

> Bishop Sessa

> Ocean Room



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