30. Let’s Do Dessert aka. Sugar Hit ’13 – The Cortile – InterContinental Sydney

Thursday. 39 degrees Celsius. Hungry. I thought it warranted some quality indoor chillax time so here comes my fourth Let’s Do Dessert. This was a rather spontaneous visit to The Cortile in InterContinental Sydney, booked just a few hours before to try their “lolly cake”.

Let's Do Dessert '13, The Cortile - InterContinental Sydney


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Let's Do Dessert at The Cortile - InterContinental Sydney

Let’s Do Dessert accompanied with a glass of Brown Brothers’ dessert wine

Gianduja chocolate lolly cake, almond joconde, banana marshmallow and hazelnut crunch

Gianduja chocolate lolly cake, almond joconde, banana marshmallow and hazelnut crunch.

Inside the lolly cake


Sides of lollies. They weren’t particularly good and I believe they’re only there to add aesthetic value to the otherwise simple lolly cake.

More info on location, price and availability here: http://sydney.goodfoodmonth.com/details?deal=121989

You can enter from Macquarie St through the back entrance or through the front entrance where the valet parking area is on Phillip St.

Cake + banana marshmallow + a side of candy = Lolly cake. Of course, genius. I must admit that I couldn’t help but draw comparisons with Luxbite’s lolly cake. But each to their own.

It’s very pink isn’t it? At first glance it was quite simple but upon the first spoonful I could taste the layers in the cake which I found melded quite nicely together. That was my first thoughts but after having a few more bites the taste got a bit dull. The first layer was a raspberry flavoured mousse, or something with a mousse-like consistency. I usually find raspberry flavoured desserts quite strong in flavour and don’t particularly fancy them (or the actual fruit) but I could appreciate this one more because of its more subtle than other raspberry flavoured desserts I’ve had – strange, I know, since most people would probably prefer it to be more vibrant in flavour to really get that zing. Anyway, the next layer was Gianguja chocolate, also in a mousse-like texture followed by a large piece of banana favoured marshmallow. Every time I forked a part of the cake the whole marshmallow would try to come out, ruining the shape of the cake, so I ended up eating it all at once. I didn’t like it so unless you like marshmallows and artificial banana flavouring, it’s much nicer eating it with the cake as a whole. Finally, the last layer was the hazelnut crunch, which is always good.

TL;DR? Overall, I didn’t think it was very impressive – A hit and miss. I think that if they had more different elements, maybe a selection of different lolly-inspired desserts, it would add a lot more excitement to the dessert. Alas, I’m no pastry chef.

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