29. Niji Sushi Bar @ Kingsford

Seeing as there’s a big sushi challenge coming up at Niji Sushi Bar (Monday 28th October ’13 from 7pm) I thought it’d be a good time to post about my recent food experience here.

Niji Sushi Bar, Kingsford Niji Sushi Bar, Kingsford Niji Sushi Bar, Kingsford Niji Sushi Bar, Kingsford Niji Sushi Bar, Kingsford




The Sushi Train

Udon so big

A big bowl of Udon


Wagyu Tartare

Beef Tartare – Cured wagyu with potato crunch, finely sliced cucumbers and ponzu dressing

This almost looks like a fine dining main dish but it definitely didn’t taste like one. One, I discovered ‘tartare’ was raw beef (derp), which was fine but it was super duper salty. Like unbelievably salty. I poured water into the dish to try wash it out and it was still overbearingly salty.

Wagyu Tartare - inside

I couldn’t finish it. But this shot was before I added water. It became quite unsightly after adding a good half cup of water.

Let’s move onto the sushi. They were a lot nicer.

Seared Salmon Scallops

Seared Salmon Scallop – best thing ever!

Seared Salmon

Seared Salmon

Seared Scallop

Seared Scallop

Prawn Scallop Specials

Prawn Scallop Special

Duck Skin

Duck Skin

Crumbed Chicken

Crumbed Chicken



Tamago (egg)

Tamago (egg)

Prawn Gyoza

Prawn Gyoza

The stack of plates

Finally, I always wanted to take a photo of a big stack of sushi plates!!

Location: 333 Anzac Parade, Kingsford NSW 2032 – Just down the road from UNSW :) It’s on a corner, a bit past It’s Time for Thai.

I went on a uni weeknight with 2 other friends for dinner just before a revue and when we arrived, which was at about 6:30pm, the sushi bar train area was already full so we decided to sit at one of the tables. Worst decision ever especially since we were on a time constraint. I reckon if we waited for a seat at the sushi bar, the whole dining experience could have been a lot faster; It was excruciatingly hard to get the attention of the staff and my hands got tired trying to get their attention. I wonder whether they were understaffed or just super busy that night. We did get a king apology from the manager though (we think that’s what he was, not sure). When we were asked how our meal was, we couldn’t help but single out the horrible salty beef tartare that I found almost inedible and being inquisitive,  he went into the kitchen to check with the chef. Maybe too much salt was put into the dish but to our pleasant surprise, we didn’t end up having to pay for it. $10 saved! It’s definitely not something I would want to risk trying again but I’d go for the sushi and possibly other dishes. Even though they’re slightly on the more expensive side – It’s not a flat rate (ie.$3/plate) like at Sushi Hotaru in the City – the quality of the sushi was pretty good, quite yummy. 

So thanks to that one kind manager/staff, whoever he might be, my experience turned from an overall bad one to mostly good. One of the waitresses should learn to hold an ’empty’ water jug properly though – upright would be good – because water remnants spilled on my leg when she walked past, taking it back into the kitchen -.- I’ll overlook it.

Other than that, sushi challenge anyone? :P Sounds exciting!! But I don’t think I can handle the carbs…*overkill*

See here for more info about the sushi challenge and its menu: http://www.nijisushi.com.au/Sushi-ChallengeIII.pdf



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4 thoughts on “29. Niji Sushi Bar @ Kingsford”

  1. OMG, the tartare must have been unbelievably salty for you to have to go to the drastic measure of drenching it in water. Sounds awful! But at least the meal was redeemed by some good sushi. I LOVE seared salmon, I’ve never had seared scallop….I don’t think I’ve even seen it offered before. Will have to ask the sushi chef to do it for me the next time I go out for sushi.

    1. Yeah, it was really disappointing but the sushi was definitely good. I like seared salmon over seared scallops but it’s still really nice. Having it as a combo is so good! Definitely see if the sushi chef can do that for you :)

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