28. Sunday Morning Bumming ft. Eveleigh Artisans Market & Tripod Cafe @ Redfern

This Sunday morning marked the start of Daylight Savings, making us wind our clocks forward one hour. Byebye an hour of sleep. On the bright side (literally), the sun won’t be setting so early anymore! I hated it when it got dark when it was only 5pm. Besides that, I woke up super early for breakfast, followed by some spontaneous bumming around. A friend and I actually walked for over 40 minutes from Rosebery (near Green Square) to the Redfern area, passing through the Eveleigh Artisan Market (sister to the Eveleigh Farmers’ Marketย that are open on Saturdays), some of the quaint streets in the neighbourhood, as well as a quick stop over for some fresh juice at Tripod Cafe.

2013-10-06 11.21.39-1ย 2013-10-06 11.11.42-1ย 2013-10-06 11.10.05-1ย 2013-10-06 10.51.01-1ย 2013-10-06 12.22.11-1


Being me, I took a gazillion photos of my mini morning adventure today, mostly non-food related -maybe- but I’m just going to post them here~

2013-10-06 07.59.47-1

A flight of stairs at Green Square – The start of a long and tiring yet enjoyable morning.

2013-10-06 09.51.51-1

2013-10-06 10.22.22-1

This was amusing haha

2013-10-06 12.24.54-1

2013-10-06 12.26.19-1

2013-10-06 12.24.40-1

Street art. I think this is a really small cafe during on Mon-Sat

2013-10-06 14.54.36

A really small grass area on the side of a Little Eveleigh St

2013-10-06 11.21.39-1

The first Sunday of each month!

2013-10-06 10.41.34-1

The Artisans Market definitely isn’t as packed as the Farmers’ Market but there are some very neat handcrafts there. They’re rather expensive though. My favourite was probably the hand painted ceramics by Niharika Hukku. Sadly I didn’t (I don’t think I was allowed to) take photos of them but they were really pretty.

2013-10-06 10.45.18-1

2013-10-06 10.51.01-1

Knitted animals – Spot nemo!

No market is complete without some food. We were too full though, and the hot weather wasn’t very suitable for hot food.

2013-10-06 10.47.31-1

2013-10-06 11.12.03-1

2013-10-06 10.47.54-1

2013-10-06 11.11.42-1

Exploring the area at the end of the Eveleigh Market:

2013-10-06 11.05.21-1

Spot SOUP and the plane! I wished I was flying away be on that plane…

2013-10-06 10.59.38-1

Old fashion warehouses – I was so intrigued

2013-10-06 11.09.04-1

2013-10-06 11.07.16-1

A small, small door

2013-10-06 11.01.31-1

Look, I found a gap!

2013-10-06 11.08.15-1

Peeking through the gap –

2013-10-06 11.01.20-1

Can’t see much… so, let’s look from below :D

2013-10-06 11.02.00-1

Train tracks through wire fences

2013-10-06 11.03.34-1

2013-10-06 11.03.30-1

Heading back:

2013-10-06 11.10.05-1

Carriage Works side

2013-10-06 11.11.14-1

The Artisan Market side

2013-10-06 11.20.56-1

Quick stopover at Carriage Works

2013-10-06 11.15.10-1

2013-10-06 11.16.37-1

And inside was the Cornerstone Bar & Food

2013-10-06 11.17.02-1

2013-10-06 11.18.27-1

2013-10-06 11.17.23-1

They didn’t have a good variety of juices so we left. Maybe next time for lunch.

2013-10-06 11.19.50-1

The shopfront

2013-10-06 11.20.28-1

Outside seating with a ping pong table! (Still Cornerstone)

Time to leave and make our way to the station.

2013-10-06 11.23.16-1

2013-10-06 14.42.43

Found a cute Italian/Pizza restaurant on the way

2013-10-06 11.29.02-1

2013-10-06 11.29.19-1

2013-10-06 11.32.38-1

A really random chair on the street. Looks like those chairs from primary school, the ones we always had to stack up at the end class each week or after Friday assemblies! This was outside one of the USyd entrances.

2013-10-06 11.33.59-1

One of the entrances to Usyd – looks pretty~ Now it just needs a river on the right hand side…

2013-10-06 11.34.28-1

That white spray painted bunny is everywhere!ย Let’s run it over it~ >:)

2013-10-06 14.47.02

Nah, spray-painted animal cruelty…plus I would’ve been run over. CJ cruelty.

2013-10-06 11.36.41-1

Passing by a small park – Look at that dog sun baking ;D

The weather was really hot and at this stage we got a little thirsty and started craving for some fruit juice so stop over at Tripod Cafe!

2013-10-06 12.20.16-1

I’d never heard of it before today but thought we’d try it out. The crowds are generally a good indicator of how good a place is right? :)

2013-10-06 11.43.22-1

2013-10-06 11.50.33-1

Carrot, Celery and Beetroot Juice (O____O eww celery…obvs not mine…) + Pineapple Juice (mine)

2013-10-06 11.43.16-1

A scale of lemons~ so retro :D

2013-10-06 11.43.49-1

Wine boxes as wall deco, smart and creative.

2013-10-06 11.43.45-1

More seating upstairs

2013-10-06 12.19.43-1

There’s also more seating out the back

2013-10-06 12.14.58-1

And guess what I found?! A power point!!!!! #cuepowerpointobsession

Anyway, the cafe was very chilled with friendly staff. After the visit, I’ve read some pretty good reviews on this cafe, particularly their muffins, so maybe I’ll return to give them a try next time I’m in the area.

Location: 262 Abercrombie St, Darlington, NSW 2008 (Sydney) – Let’s just say it’s in Redfern for convenience sake

Tripod Cafe on Urbanspoon

Okay, break time over and time to really head off now

2013-10-06 12.22.11-1

Stumbling across more street art

2013-10-06 12.22.37-1

Pretty cool, aye?

2013-10-06 12.26.02-1

Finally made it to Redfern Station!

Just a random and pointless video of like 24 secs of my train ride home #wasbored

All in all, today has been enjoyable with filled with a tonne of sunshine, food, spontaneity, old-fashioned buildings and much needed exercise. By the way, I was carrying around uni books the whole time, -.- zzz. I don’t know what came over me to think that I would be able to study today, long weekend, sunshine, Sunday and all. It just resulted in unnecessary bag weight. Anyway, gotta catch up on ย lost sleep – Woke up at a non-daylight savings equivalent of 6am today. But that means that I made the most of my day for once. Hope you enjoyed my morning adventure.




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