27. Breakfast at Kitchen By Mike @ Rosebery

Breakfast on Sunday morning? Very rare for me. I’m a person who enjoys sleeping in :3 But here I was at Kitchen By Mike.

Kitchen By Mike, Rosebery


Kitchen By Mike Doorview

Kitchen By Mike looks like a factory/warehouse from the outside so to the unknowing eye, it could easily be missed by the ordinary passerby.

Kitchen By Mike

Kitchen By Mike Counter

Kitchen By Mike Interior 2

Kitchen By Mike Juice and Cutlery

Really small servings of juice

Cutlery tin with wine menu

Custom made Kitchen By Mike cutlery cans ft. their wine list

Breakfast at Kitchen By Mike

Big Breakfast

The Big Breakfast – It’s not thaaat big…I’ve had bigger.

Truss Tomatoes, Sausage, Coddled Eggs, Mushroom, Bacon

Truss tomatoes, sausage, coddled egg, bacon strips and mushrooms.Β Β I thought that the black stuff under the truss tomatoes was a super burnt pan but it’s actually the mushrooms. The mushrooms and eggs were nice but I didn’t like dryness/roughness of the sausage nor the bacon strips.

Loading the bread

How I ate my bread – Loaded it with bacon and egg. So much oil was soaked into the bread…

Sourdough Pancakes with Lemon Curd

Sourdough Pancakes with Lemon Curd (3 pancakes) – That lemon curd was really sour. Pancakes were nicely cooked, rather normal.

Kitchen By Mike Baby cino 1

My first ever Baby Cino! I know, it’s just frothed milk.

Kitchen By Mike Baby cino 2

It’s so small and cute!

The layout of Kitchen By Mike is really neat and awesome. So hip.

Flower displays – bad lighting:

Kitchen By Mike Flowers

Indoor seating areas:

Kitchen By Mike Cool corner seating area

Kitchen By Mike Interior 2

Outdoor seating area:

Kitchen By Mike Outside Seating Area

Kitchen By Mike Cool Outdoor Table

This barrel table is so cool!

Kitchen By Mike Outdoor area

They also had a store inside which sells homeware and furniture (Apparently but I’ve never taken a look) which opens at 9am Monday-Saturday and 10am on Sunday. It has a sort of IKEA feel to it:

Kitchen By Mike Store

Kitchen By Mike Store (2)

Kitchen By Mike Gate view

We left through another exit to see what it was like – it was like a humongous garage door.

The Cannery

I don’t know why it has a sign saying ‘the Cannery’ outside. Maybe it’s the name of the whole are or the name of the building.

Location: 85 Dunning Avenue, Rosebery, NSW 2018 (Sydney)

It’s of walkable distance (about 20-30 mins depending on our pace)from Green Square which is just one station away from Central.

To be honest, the food wasn’t that great, I definitely enjoyed admiring the interior design and layout of the cafe a lot more than the food. Β The atmosphere is super chill and if i wanted, I could have probably done some uni work there since I brought some workbooks with me, but then I would’ve been rather anti-social…I would consider going back for lunch as the menu is supposedly different and hopefully better but probably not for breakfast again anytime soon.


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4 thoughts on “27. Breakfast at Kitchen By Mike @ Rosebery”

  1. Ohhhhhh craving a real American breakfast with bacon and eggs and chocolate chip pancakes when I get back. Bacon in Japan was not good, all flabby with no taste. Looking forward to crisp, salty, greasy bacon mmmmm!

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