25. Let’s Do Dessert aka. Sugar Hit ’13 – Lobby Lounge, Shangri-La

Yep, more dessert! I just can’t help myself :P

Let's Do Dessert '13, Lobby Lounge at Shangri-La Hotel


Lobby Lounge Sign

Lobby Lounge Interior

We rocked up at about 6pm so there weren’t many people yet.


Waiting for friends~

Brown Brother's Dessert Wine

Brown Brothers’ Dessert Wine – I’m no wine expert but my friends think it’s rose

4 Sets of Shangri-La's Let's Do Dessert

Got surprised because I was expecting something looking totally different but then I got so excited!!

Let's Do Dessert at Lobby Lounge, Shangri-La

We were advised to eat from left to right so that’s what we did~

2013-10-04 18.21.33-1

White Chocolate, Strawberry ‘n’ Cream Lollipop

Passionfruit Curd, Grue Cacao Crunch, Salted Caramel, Roast Hazelnut, Honey Thyme Pear

Passion Shot. I think this is the Passionfruit Curd, Grue Cacao Crunch, Salted Caramel, Roast Hazelnut, Honey Thyme Pear

Milk Chocolate Delice

Milk Chocolate Delice – Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!

Random Piano

Found a random piano sitting in some corner on my way out~

More info on location, availability, price here ~ http://sydney.goodfoodmonth.com/details?deal=125057

I know, this looks completely different to the one in the photo – I was expecting to be eating something that I could hold like a magnum bar – but the dessert was still very, very pretty :) And it tasted just as good! That chocolate cake/mousse/whatever it was, was amazing, particularly that crunchy base that just added just the right texture! And it wasn’t too sweet. Definitely the highlight. Just. Yum!!

In retrospect, it made sense that we were supposed to eat from left to right since it gradually became richer in sweetness and in chocolate as we made our way through each piece of the dessert. It also escalated in awesome tastiness :D

I don’t remember exactly what the waiter who served us said but this dessert was concocted by award-winning executive pastry chef, Anna Polyviou, either in collaboration with or inspired by Luxbite. Long live, Luxbite!

TL;DR? YUM! Good variety (I love variety!) and not overpoweringly sweet :)

Psssssst, Guess what?! Prince Harry’s in town! And guess where he’s staying? There were police and guards scouting the place!! hehe

Other Let’s Do Dessert’s:

Sofitel & Azuma (2 sugar hits in one night)

InterContinental Sydney

> Sheraton on the Park

> Bishop Sessa

> Ocean Room



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Food brings joy to the taste buds and travel serves as food for the soul.

12 thoughts on “25. Let’s Do Dessert aka. Sugar Hit ’13 – Lobby Lounge, Shangri-La”

  1. I’m reading your blog post as I sit in the lobby of the Hilton hotel in Tokyo. It’s the last day of my trip (so sad!) and there’s a dessert buffet going on in the lounge that I was considering going to before the airport shuttle came. I had decided not to go but now I might change my mind…….

    1. Wow, it’s the end of your trip already? Have a safe flight home! And I guess I can expect some awesome posts from you soon :)

      How did you resist?? If I was there, I’d be in there half way through their selection already…If you do change your mind and go, I hope the desserts are good! It can be a hit and miss sometimes..

      1. The trip went by so fast! I was really hoping to blog as I went along but by the end of each day I was so tired that I was just collapsing into bed. Can’t wait to start blogging about all the things I saw and ate! Thanks so much for your kind words. I really hate flying so I hope it all goes well on that end. I think it’s the change in the air pressure but I always get somewhat nauseous on the plane. And I can never sleep but hopefully I’ll be tired enough to catch a few zzz’s.

        Lol, normally I would never be able to resist a dessert buffet but I may have overdone it one the sweet stuff during this trip. Especially where Mister Donut was concerned…..I ate one almost every day of this trip!

      2. I can probably understand that, blogging is so much fun :D Blogging as you went would’ve been quite exciting for us readers but as the blogger, I think it’s best to enjoy the holiday and take in everything then collate your experience altogether once you’ve settled back down. That way, you can also relive it!

        Ohhh, yeah plane rides are so uncomfortable! But I can always sleep because if I dont, my head starts to feel a bit funny, similar to the same feeling as I’d get when I read in the car.

        Wow, those Mister Donuts must be something amazing…

      3. I’m totally agreeing with everything you said about blogging. I never realized how addicting it could be before I started this blog! But now that I’m home, I’m glad that I waited to start writing my posts. It’s better that I used all my time and energy during the trip to fully enjoy the experience and now I have so much to write about.

        I was actually able to sleep a bit on the plane! I put the seat into sleep mode so I was practically lying down and after eating and rewatching the movie “Gladiator”, I just totally conked out for a few hours. And yes, you are so right….the feeling I get when I don’t sleep on the plane does resemble the nausea I get when I try reading in the car!

        Mister Donut is beyond amazing, whenever I go to Japan I stuff myself silly with their pon de ring donuts. Mochi powder is one of their ingredients so they have a fantastic chew to them. I am currently going through Mister Donut withdrawal, argh!

      4. Addicting indeed! I spend a bit too much time here, haha.

        That’s good news! I find that with movies, no matter how good they might be, they seem more boring on planes. I think it’s partly due to the small screen so it’s a good way to me fall asleep haha. So rather than exploiting all the free movies, I’ll just be sleeping…

        Yep, seems like I gotta get me some of them Mister Donuts…Are there no franchises over there in the U.S?

      5. You definitely have to try Mister Donut when you go to Japan, especially the pon de ring!

        The funny thing is that Mister Donut actually originated in the US waaaaay back in the day and there used to be tons of stores. Japan franchised it and started opening up outlets everywhere and business boomed. But while Mister Donut in Japan was doing great, it went down the drain in America. So stores closed and now there isn’t a single one left. But I don’t think they ever had mochi donuts like the Mister Donut in Japan anyways. Mochi donuts are just awesome!

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