24. Let’s Do Dessert aka. Sugar Hit ’13 @ Sofitel + Azuma

I’ve been excited for Good Food Month for a while now and when October finally came around I exploded in excitement. Being the dessert freak that I kinda am, the desserts were an ASAP-must-try! I was so keen that I dragged my friend along to two different ‘Let’s Do Desserts’ in one night, within the span of two hours :D

 Let's Do Dessert '13, Sofitel Sydney Wentworth  Let's Do Dessert '13, Azuma Japanese Restaurant


First stop: Sofitel Sydney Wentworth

Garden Court entrance

Garden Court

Garden Court interior

Candlelight - setting the ambiance

Candlelight for some night-time-classy ambiance

Complementary taster - Kangaroo meat

Complementary taster of kangaroo meat – my first time trying kangaroo! To my delight, it was tender and not tough as I have heard. Yummy~

A selection of bread for starters

Then along came a selection of bread for starters~

Black Rye + French Baguette

My friend chose the French baguette and I chose the dark rye. Both yum and that butter was really nice. I know, it’s just butter but it was particularly good! The dips were spicy capsicum, some oil, and hummus chickpea – didn’t really dig them. #TeamReallyNiceButter


Sea Scallops – Vanilla Parsnip Puree, Avruga Caviar (Black caviar), Sorrel, and Potato chips (Entree)

Scallops - close up

Those chips in particular were interesting and unlike any other potato chips I’ve had.

Crepe Suzettes arrive

Sugar hit time! This part, I found, was super awesome so I filmed it.

Well it’s basically this in moving form:

Crepe Suzette on fire

Flamin’ Crepe Suzette cause by some alcohol I cant remember the name of. It was something fancy.

Crepe Suzette

Crepe Suzette

Plain Crepes

Additional plain crepes

Brown Brothers dessert wine

Brown Brothers’ Dessert Wine which came with the sugar hit. I think it comes with every sugar hit… It tastes alright~ I’m not a fan of wine in general.

More info on location, availability, price here – http://sydney.goodfoodmonth.com/details?deal=128041

I booked this about a week or so in advance since we decided to have high tea here the same day, which I’ll probably cover that in another post later. But yeah, here, we had just a little bit more than just dessert~ We decided to try an entree dish because it just sounded too good to pass up. It was good :) Pricey though… it was $24. That’s a whopping $6 per scallop. #yolo

Moving onto the Crepe Suzette, I was disappointed by the overwhelming alcoholic taste in the caramel which made the whole thing almost inedible to both me and my friend. I asked one of the waitresses, who, by the wait was super friendly, whether there was supposed such a strong alcoholic flavour to which I was told no. She then explained that there was already alcohol mixed into the caramel, so once the flaming alcohol was added, that was probably the reason why it became so alcoholic in taste. Why does the French like their alcohol so much?! There should have been a disclaimer! Well, I guess there are probably other’s who would like it. Anyway, the waitress was really nice and gave us a plate of plain crepes so we could add on the caramel to our taste which was really thoughtful of her. I finish my alcoholic-caramel-drenched crepes but I did finish all the plain ones :) The caramel was alright in moderation. The dish as a whole could do with some fresh cream though, and maybe more fresh fruit, mmmmm.

Sofitel Wentworth on Urbanspoon

Anyway, sorry to say but were unsatisfying and it (literally) left a bad taste in my mouth, so I decided to look up the other places participating in the sugar hit this month and what do you know, Azuma does it too! No surprise I guess since they did it last year but I just had to go there. Plus, it was just across the road from Sofitel, inside Chifley Plaza :D And so…………………………..

Second Stop: Azuma Japanese Restaurant & Bar

Azuma deco

Azuma bar

Azuma counter

Azuma interior

2 Sets of Bento boxes

Brown Brothers + Green Tea

I couldn’t handle anymore wine so chose the green tea but my friend wanted to try the Brown Brothers Orange Muscat & Flora (not sure if this was the same as Sofitel’s)

A set of the 'East meets West' Dessert Bento Box

The ‘East meets West’ Dessert Bento Box set

Box 1

Kumquat Cup – Mascarpone & Yoghurt with Kumquat Comport & Syrup (amazing) + Gataeu Chocolate (too rich for my palate)

Box 2

Classic Japanese Style Fruits Jelly & Kumquat Comport + Sweet Mochi – filled with homemade matcha ice cream & kumquat

Sweet Mochi up close

It stays true to the matcha (green tea) flavour with the slight bitterness but it’s still got a sweetness about it.

Azuma's Let's Do Dessert menu

More info on location, availability, price here ~ http://sydney.goodfoodmonth.com/details?deal=117436

This was completely spontaneous. I was afraid we would be turned away because we rocked up without a booking but then again, we rocked up rather late…at around 10:15pm which is around when people finish their dinners so, lucky us.

No doubt I expected this to be good – I’ve been a long time fan of everything Azuma, particularly the patisserie which I’ll delve more into next time. The crucial point now is that I was not disappointed. The main ingredient for the dessert bento box is kumquat which I’m not a fan of – it’s so unpleasantly mushy to me, but there’s only a little bit so it’s okay. I just took it out. The highlight for me was the mascarpone & yoghurt for sure –  it was the best! I was so sad when it was gone :( It should replace the froyo craze! hehe.


Azuma on Urbanspoon

TL;DR? So basically my night came down to death by alcoholic ‘Crepe Suzettes’ and heaven viva the ‘East meets West’ Dessert Bento Box.

Btw, both places are close to both Martin Place Station and Wynyard Station. It’s about a 10 minute walk.

More places to check out~ http://sydney.goodfoodmonth.com/letsdodessert

Phew, that was a long post. If you made it this far, kudos to you!

Other Let’s Do Dessert’s:


InterContinental Sydney

> Sheraton on the Park

> Bishop Sessa

> Ocean Room




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