22. Lunch at Excelsior Jones @ Ashfield

Not being able to drive kind of sucks, especially when good food places are a bit of a trek from the nearest train station. This trek was worth it though. For this.

Excelsior Jones, Ashfield


Excelsior Jones Signage

Shop Front


Bakes goods

Baked goods by the counter

Our Meal

Choc Mint Malted Milkshake + Cherry Ripe Malted Milkshake

Choc Mint Malted Milkshake + Cherry Ripe Malted Milkshake ~ So good, so filling. The taste lives up to their flavours.

That milkshake is big

Pork Hash

Pork Hash w/ Fried Buckwheat, Shallots, Poached Egg & Fresh Herbs – I found it a bit dry and bland with a too much potato in it… I dipped it in Aioli but it didn’t help. I think it needs a light, slightly tangy sauce.

Poached Egg

Look at that yolk! The egg white tasted a bit rubbery though, is that normal? :/


Cheeseburger w/ Grass Fed Angus Beef, Gruyere, Tomato Relish Aioli, Fried Spuds

Cheeseburger - cross-section

One word – amazing. Tastes better than it looks with an awesome balance of flavours complemented by the most succulent beef patty I’ve ever had.

Crinkle Cut Chips

Crinkle Cut Chips w/ Aioli – I can’t believe we ordered a third dish…

Take-away chips

We had to take the chips away. We food coma-ed from the first two dishes already.

Location: 139A Queen Street, Ashfield 2131 (Sydney)

From Ashfield station, exit from Brown St, walk down Holden St (this is the longest leg of the walk), turn onto Armstrong St and Excelsior Jones will be at the corner of where Armstrong meets Queen. For me, it was roughly a 20-25 minute walk so give or take some minutes depending on your pace.

Trading hours

I’m the worst culprit and bad-influencer of over-ordering. Ordering three dishes among the two of us was a bad idea. When we asked to take away the chips, the waitress had to do a double take and ask whether we ordered all three dishes just for the two of us to which we gave a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge smile and said “yes” :D We must have looked like cray piggies hahaha. She was friendly though. Above all else, as the dishes came out we realised how much potato we ordered – Pork and HASH, Crinkle cut CHIPS, Cheeseburger with fried SPUDS. It was pretty much potatoes, potatoes and more potatoes! Imagine our faces to be a bit like this -> D: D: when we realised. We like potatoes but in moderation… It didn’t help that it was really hot that day – worst weather for potatoes.

Anyway, I mustΒ repeat that the cheeseburger was the best I’ve ever had. Well I’m no burger expert but seriously, that patty of Angus beef was so good. One bite and I was like O____O “OMG. YUM!”. Yep, eyes wide open. Never mind the small size (I actually think the height makes up for it), I would definitely trek it just to eat it again. I also want to try the jaffa flavoured malted milkshake next time. Mmmm orange and choc chip.



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Food brings joy to the taste buds and travel serves as food for the soul.

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