19. Afternoon Treat: Cafe Cre Asion @ Sydney CBD

I absolutely love the macarons from here. They’re sweet but not too sweet.


The shop front1

The shop front, it really brightens up the dim alley-like street

The shop front2

A glass display case full of yummy macarons

I think they said there were 27 flavours that day, woweee!

Cool seats

The seating’s so cool. So hip.

Macarons and green tea latte

After a difficult decision-making session, we decided to go with 8 macarons and 2 green tea lattes

Green tea latte

Green Tea Latte – This was amazing and I love how it’s served in a bowl



Macarons + cross-sections

Top from left: Green tea, Yuzu, Lemon

Centre from left: Truffle, Plate of 8, Black Caramel

Bottom from left: Β Jasmine, Lavender, White sesame

Complimentary flavoured marshmallows

Complimentary flavoured marshmallows :)

Orange flavoured marshmallow

I chose the orange one~

All demolished

Our afternoon treats all demolished~

Location: 21 Alberta St (Sydney) – It’s pretty much a few streets behind World Square. It’s tucked away in a very small street, almost like an alley way.

Trading hours

I’ve been here twice before and since I hadn’t been back for quite a while I decided it was time for a revisit. It was nice to see my favourites still there but there were also a few new flavours (or maybe I’ve just never seen them) which got me super excited. I love how there are fillings in some of the macarons; It makes it unique and above that, they’re not too sweet which really gives it an edge over other macarons – in my books anyway. The black caramel, green tea and the lavender flavours were probably my favourites, they were so good!

For what it’s worth:

Oh! There’s also conveniently a power point in a corner which warranted bonus hearts <3. I was in a low-battery crisis at the time and you have no idea how excited I got when I saw the power point. My face literally lit up and my voice went up 100 decibels. Well, it would’ve if it could. I think I have a cafe power point obsession. They make having electronics with short-battery life so much more bearable. I wish all cafes had power points.

Power point

I hope the staff didn’t mind me using it…They were friendly :)

And I couldn’t help but draw a connection between the arrangement of the green tea lattes and plate of macarons in the photo below to Walt Disney’s one and only Mickey Mouse. How’s the resemblance?

2013-09-27 15.42.43-1




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4 thoughts on “19. Afternoon Treat: Cafe Cre Asion @ Sydney CBD”

  1. I’ve heard so much about this place but didn’t know it was so close to Town Hall!! The ultimate question is, how much each? Lindt’s like $3 now, hefty pricetag for some meringue haha

    1. Hey! It is quite hefty but slightly cheaper than Lindt. It’s $2.70 per macaron, $21 for a box of 8, $36 for 14 and $55 for $24. So once in a while’s okay, you should definitely pay them a visit :)

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