18. Taste of Shanghai – I Returned

Like I said in a previous post, I would return to try more of the dishes on their menu, and I did! Shortly after actually…

Taste of Shanghai, World Square


Tea + Pearl milk tea + Mango Frappe

Tea + Cold pearl milk tea + Mango Frappe

DO NOT GET THE PEARLS! They’re small and HARD and just plain unpleasant to eat. It was interesting that the mango frappe came in a beer glass contrary to its picture on the menu but I didn’t like it much.

Shanghai Crispy Spring Rolls

Shanghai Crispy Spring Rolls

Salt & Pepper King Prawns

Salt & Pepper King Prawns

Sesame Rice Balls in Fermented Rice Soup

Sesame Rice Balls in Fermented Rice Soup

Extracting the sesame rice balls from the soup

I didn’t like the soup because it was a bit sour so I separated it with the sesame rice balls. :D My friend was embarrassed to be seen with me. :P

Sesame rice balls extracted from the soup

The rice balls are filled with black sesame and they were yummy~ after it was removed from the soup haha

Location: Inside World Square, 644 George St, in between Central and Town Hall (Sydney)

Until my next visit~



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Food brings joy to the taste buds and travel serves as food for the soul.

12 thoughts on “18. Taste of Shanghai – I Returned”

  1. LOL Camie stop tempting me with all your posts … making me feel so boring and empty haha
    btw the rice balls in soup … its sour cause the “soup” is partially alcoholic hehe :P
    next time i should make some for you :P minus the sesame paste though

  2. TOS in Hurstville is miles better than the one in World Square. The deep fried mantou … yum. It’s a bit more restaurant like though and always packed.

    6 a.m. breakie ;)

    1. Ooooo, I’ll keep that in mind! World square is just a lot more convenient.
      Yes, keen! ;) but I just checked the website that it opens at 8am..so 7am?

  3. Oh that’s gross when the boba is hard, that means it’s undercooked. They probably didn’t have any ready when you ordered but they didn’t want you to wait so they just gave you some that was still cooking. That’s just disgusting, I would have raised a big fuss. Good boba is important to me because I used to own a smoothie/frozen yogurt shop and we served boba. I would never serve it undercooked.

    1. I would’ve rather them take their time than having rushed it. It actually came out really fast and it tasted frozen but I guess that meant they were under cooked.

      Wow, that’s awesome having owned your own store! Is cooking/making the pearls hard? I love soft chewy pearls! I bet you made a good shop owner, quality is important. :)

      On a sidenote, froyo has been so big here in Sydney these days..actually for the past few years…so many chains. I’m ready for something new… haha

      1. It was pretty fun while I owned the shop because I got to know all the customers. But it was so much work, I was in the store 80 hours a week and only got Sundays off and it seemed like I hardly had a life. I did it for almost 10 years and it was a great experience but I’m too old to live that kind of life now!

        Cooking the pearls is really easy if you have the Tiger thermal pot, it just takes a while —- around 2 hours. So when you run out of a batch and the next one isn’t ready yet it’s such a headache because there’s nothing you can do to speed up the process. So I’m pretty sure the boba you got served was undercooked because it gets softer the longer you cook it.

        Froyo is still pretty big in Southern California. I used to eat so much of it when I had the shop. My favorite combo was the plain tart with strawberries/mangos/mochi on top. What chains are the big ones in Sydney? I can’t even keep track of what’s popular in So Cal because I hardly eat froyo anymore, I got sick of it from stuffing myself in my shop! Yeah, I’m ready for something new in So Cal too. I guess the big thing right now are cronuts but I think they’re just OK. Are cronuts a hit in Sydney too?

      2. 2 hours!? Wow! I’ll just stick to buying them because I don’t think I’d have the patience to make them.

        Mochi is the best!! There’s all sorts of flavours now from green tea to pomegranate to taro. I think my favourite is blood orange with coconut chips! I like mine plain-ish~ The bigger, more well-known chains here are Noggi, Moochi, and Yogurberry. Have you ever heard of them?

        I really can’t wait to try the cronut!!! Is it true that you’re not guaranteed one even if you line up at 5am?? The cronut hasn’t reached Australia yet, or at least I have yet to find some. I read some articles about the patisseries here doing a twist on it but that’s about it. Oh, are the ramen burgers big too? I read an article about it the other day and it supposedly rivals the cronut? It looks and sounds so interesting!

      3. People were always so surprised when I told them how long it took to make the pearls. Before you cook them they are little crumbly brown balls, nothing like the finished product. Whenever I would show the precooked version to people they couldn’t believe those were pearls.

        I used to carry the pomegranate and green tea and blood orange flavors in my shop. Pomegranate was really popular, not so much the green tea. In fact, I had to throw the green tea away all the time because it would go bad! I haven’t heard of any of those chains but we have a bunch here with names ending in “berry” so there may very well be a Yogurberry somewhere in So Cal! I think they all ripped off the Pinkberry chain which was the original yogurt shop.

        So many donut shops have jumped on the cronut bandwagon in the Los Angeles area that you no longer have to wait for them. When you come to LA, there’s a donut shop in Santa Monica called DK Donuts that has a bunch of different flavored cronuts so hopefully you can stop by there on your trip. My boyfriend loves cronuts so we got some right before our Japan trip. He got glazed, maple bacon, and tiramisu cronuts.

        None of the ramen shops here are selling ramen burgers yet but I’m sure it’s a matter of time. I can’t wait to try one. Hopefully, they’ll be selling in Los Angeles by the time your trip starts!

      4. Haha, I think i would be shocked too if I see raw pearls. I’ve never actually seen uncooked pearls before…

        Oh wow, flavoured cronuts sounds interesting! I definitely would like to try them! But shall need to try the original first as a point of comparison. How does DK Donuts’ cronuts measure against the original cronut in your opinion?

        I hope the ramen burger spreads like wildfire! or I’ll just line up in NYC for it since I’ll also be visiting NYC ^^

      5. I actually haven’t eaten the original cronut from NYC. The last time I was in NYC was over 10 years ago. I’ve always wanted to go back, especially since my brother lives there now. I’m sure you’ll have a fabulous time when you go! And if you get to try the ramen burger there I hope you’ll post about it, I really want to hear how it is!

      6. No better excuse for travel than quality family time ;)
        If I’m able to hunt that ramen burger down, I will definitely post about it!

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