15. A Restaurant Inside A Store: Cara & Co (closed)

Edit: This has now closed

Welcome, let me visually guide you through my lunch experience at an interesting little restaurant known as Cara & Co :)

Cara & Co


Cara & Co Shopfront

At the shop front, waiting.

Cara & Co Shopfront2

Let’s enter!

A pretty restaurant front

Discovered the restaurant cosily tucked away at the back of the store


To the left of my seat


To the right of my seat


The Al la Cart menu. We decided to order the $49 lunch special

Wetting the napkins - so cool!

‘Growing’ our napkins! Β So cool to watch them expand as they’re soaked with water! When I was seating myself, I actually thought they were mints. Good thing I didn’t pop one into my mouth.

Bread and butter and water

Bread and butter

Red wine, Rose, White wine

Red wine, Rose, & White wine

Appetizer: Curried tomato and bread with capsicum jelly

Appetizer: Curried Tomato and Bread with Capsicum Jelly

Curried tomato and bread with capsicum jelly - close up

Appetizer: Seaweed cream and tapioca crisp topped with caviar

Appetizer: Seaweed Cream with Tapioca Crisp topped with Caviar

Entree: Prawn Royale - Prawn tofu, lychee cream, basil crisp, grapefruit

Entree: Prawn Royale – Prawn Tofu, Lychee Cream, Basil Crisp, Grapefruit

Pawn Royale - close up

Main: Lamb a la Dolche Vita

Main: Lam a la Dolce Vita – Lamb Shoulder, Sweet Potato, Plum, Earl Grey Tea

Lamb a la Dolche Vita - close up

Complimentary sweets

Some sweets to end the meal

Dark chocolate cup with a slightly tangy strawberry cream

Strawberry cream in a dark chocolate cup


A really soft marshmallow

Location: Sydney Westfield shopping centre, Level 4 (Sydney)

First things first, doesn’t Β food look absolutely amazing from the colour to the plating arrangement to the decorations? This is such a pretty little restaurant and I’m still really astounded that it was hidden away located inside the boutique store of the same name.

This particular set of photos shows the the lunch special set which came with one entree and one main, which we couldn’t choose since it was the chefs’ selection, as well as a glass of wine of our choice. Β Just a little point, as pretty as it looks, the main was underwhelming – I personally found it a bit dry but then again I’m not a big fan of lamb. Don’t get me wrong, the overall experience was good but seeing as the main should have been the star of the meal, I was a bit disappointed. “Fear not!” I told myself, as I shall be visiting again soon for dinner to give it another chance. I am super keen to try ‘A most desireable Ugly Duckling’.



Cara & Co Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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