60. The Grumpy Barista @ Petersham

On a sunny but cold Saturday afternoon in the middle of July (yeah, I’m a taaaaaad behind…), my friend and I decided to hit up The Grumpy Barista. Represented by the cutest moustache, this place that took the recent cronut craze to a whole new level by introducing cronut’s with chocolate injections! Novel, but creatively alluring.

Processed with VSCOcam 20140712_111535_wm
Processed with VSCOcam Processed with VSCOcam

Location: 110 Audley Street, Petersham NSW 2049

Hours: 7am-3pm Mon-Sat

Website (FB): The Grumpy Barista

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Just going to quickly spam a few mooncake photos ;) White lotus paste with double yolk all the way <3

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This photo fails to properly represent how pretty the moon is tonight but it felt like I needed a picture of the moon (or at least an attempted one) to finish off this quick post. May the moon shine particularly brightly over you all tonight :)

Also, Happy Chuseok to those in Korea and Happy Tsukimi to those in Japan!!



PS. I started a new blog focusing on travel! Check it out if you like! https://brokenhana.wordpress.com/

59. Four Ate Five @ Surry Hills

‘485’ -> ‘Four Ate Five’ is an ingenious play on words but who knew it was also the influence of their address on 485 Crown Street in Surry Hills?! I thought they were simply being punny but that NextLevel-ness :O So much :O Don’t mind me, I’m easily amused…

Anyway, the opportunity to visit came along when my friend and I missed out on a lot of the baked goods at the Flour Market which we painstakingly woke up ‘early’ for on the Saturday of August 2nd. We arrived and joined the line that curved around corners at around 10 and yeah, lesson learns –  we need get in line about 2 hours earlier next time… That aside, Four Ate Five aptly satisfied our Saturday morning hunger.


Location: 485 Crown Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Hours:  7am-3:30pm Mon-Fri; 7:30pm-3:30pm Sat & 9:30am-2:30pm Sun

Phone: (02) 9698 6485

Website: http://fouratefive.com/

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58. Cuckoo Callay @ Newtown

I can’t believe it’s September already! Springtime, YAY!! I can’t wait to get rid of all my layers. Anyways, I’ve been meaning to come here for a while now but kept having to put it off. But finally! Some friends and I managed to squeeze in a visit just before August ended~ hooraah

Cuckoo Callay is a relatively new addition to the Newtown cafe scene, conveniently located just above Newtown Station, you can’t miss it!


Location: Newtown Train Station – 324a King Street, Newtown NSW

Hours: 6am-4pm Mon-Fri; 8am-4pm Sat, 8am-3pm Sun

Phone: (02) 9557 7006

Website: www.cuckoo-callay.com.au

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Take Me Back #1: HONG KONG pt.1 – HK Styled Cafes

I finally managed to sift through a portion of my photos from my travels at the beginning of the year! So I decided to compile a photo diary type thing of the food I adored in Hong Kong during a 2 week trip back in Jan-Feb 2014. Wooo! Actually, I don’t know whether I should be happy when all this good food is over 7,000 km’s away…Take me back to Hong Kong!!


I’ll probably need to split these HK post up into at least two or three parts…

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56. The Pig & Pastry @ Petersham

This little gem of a cafe was definitely worth that trek out into the suburb of Petersham. Their carrot cake is enough to bring me back many times over. Trust me, despite how plain it looks, it tastes amaaaaaaaazing!

Mocha Soy chai latte Carrot cake 1Sweet Corn Fritters 1 Sweet Corn Fritters 4 Eggs Benedict 1

Location: 1 Station Street, Petersham NSW 2049

Phone: (02) 9568 4644

Hours: Weekdays 7:30am – 4:00pm; Weekends 8:00am – 4:00pm & possibly closed on Tuesdays

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55. Bread & Circus Wholefoods Canteen @ Alexandria

When I eat out, I personally find it quite hard to eat healthily. That’s where Bread & Circus comes in – basing their menu around organic wholefoods, the place offers a guilt-free dining experience. Then if you’re a dessert-lover like me, pay Rosetta Stone Artisan Bakery a visit on your way out. I personally couldn’t resist.

20140608_113920_wm 20140608_114138_wm 6 hrs organic brown rice congee with sourdough Chicken 20140713_150407_wm Cronut, almond croissant & lemon meringue tart

Location: 21 Fountain St, Alexandria NSW 2015

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54. 678 Korean BBQ @ Sydney CBD

The chilly winter season is just perfect for Korean BBQ!

This new place took off with a >>BANG!<< and I’ve only been hearing good things about it ever since it opened. With my love for Korean BBQ and mentions of Korean celebrities such as the Running Man cast and  Kang Ho Dong (강호동 – both gagman and owner), I was definitely intrigued. And so,  I’ve been twice already :D

Egg soup Shikye Ox tongue Marinated pork short rib Kalbi Wagyu Cooking3 Cooking2

678 20140605_190253_wm

Location: Level 1, 396 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000 (Corner of Pitt and Goulburn St)

Phone: (02) 9267 7334

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