48. The Dough Collective – Handcrafted Breads

Bread’s never really been a fancy of mine. Sandwiches, sure but not bread by itself. Well, that’s until I discovered this little beauty of a bakery called The Dough Collective, specialising in handcrafted bread.










This bakery’s got an oven-fresh concept and it’s no secret – Just take a look a their daily bread schedule posted up the front of the store. Different breads are available freshly baked at different times of the day~


This is a bit hard to read but the point of this is that there’s a bread schedule. The menu can be also found at their site: http://doughcollective.com.au/


I guess this would be their mantra, what they stand for. One thing I do wonder about is: what happens if the breads don’t sell out by the end of the day?

20140313_163352_wm 20140313_163632_wm 20140313_163254_wm

An interesting thing about this store is its taste before buying concept where they offer bread samples for customers to try. It shows how confident they are in the taste of their breads. This way, you can browse with your taste buds and not base your purchase on visuals and descriptions! How awesome is that?? Sadly, the ones I usually want to try are usually out of samples :(

I’m still only just trying things out, so I haven’t tried many, but one in particular has caught my taste buds and it’s become my new addiction – the multigrain lychee roll. Best bread roll ever!! So far. But it will be hard top.


The bread has a chewy texture, a good crunch from a mixture of walnuts, almond pieces and various seeds, and the sweetness of dried lychee bits which goes perfectly together. I actually finished a whole loaf by myself in one sitting! oh man, that carb intake…but it was just so addictive. It’s like Pringles to me – Once I start, I can’t stop. Actually, that’s like a lot of food to me … so nevermind. The point is, it’s tasty!


And I couldn’t resist buying the loaf again the second time I went, but I also tried some chocolate ones~


Chocolate Surprise with Belgium chocolate pieces

Not sure if the chocolate pieces inside were meant to be completely melted or not but there were chocolate chunks inside.


Chocolate Chestnut Buns – Belgium chocolate with US chestnuts. This looks a lot like the one above, but if you look closely, you can see a layer of chestnut.

I probably wouldn’t be having these again…or any of the chocolate ones containing Belgian chocolate simply because I’m not a fan of dark chocolate – bitter is just not nice to me.


Anyway, I’ll definitely revisit this place with the punny personality :)

Location: 614 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000 (Town Hall, kind of opposite Events Cinemas but more towards World Square)

I think The Dough Collective’s quite new – I’d be shocked if it’s been around for more than 6 months since I only discovered it after coming back from my trip in March but I could be wrong. I could have just been oblivious.

The breads aren’t not cheap, but for bread that’s gourmet, it’s pretty affordable. Just don’t go into overkill with the tray and tongs.




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46. Bibim, To Mix

This will be my first proper post in over 3 months so I wanted to start off with something special. Something that excited my taste buds.

Since I just recently came back from overseas, I’m pretty strapped for cash. It was worth it but it also means I need to watch my spending for a while. So after 3 weeks of relatively conservative food-ing, I found just the thing I wanted to ‘revive’ Just Food, No Words with – Bibimbap!! :D A traditional Korean rice dish.

Work Lunch with Chicken 2

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Guess Who’s Back?

Hi guys!

In case anyone cared, just wanna say: I’M BACK! from a 2.5 month graduation trip (with some settling-back-at-home-time) and now I’m eager to continue sharing my joy for food :D

Yay! So first post will hopefully be up tomorrow because I love bibimbap ;)



44. The Finders Keepers Market, Sydney

No, this isn’t a restaurant or anything really food related *gasp* but it’s an awesome designers market I came across on Friday (visited again on Saturday) and I just want to share some of the amazing stuff I came across!

2013-12-06 19.55.25-1

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43. A Zumbo Tradition

A few friends and I have this thing we like to call our “Zumbo Tradition”. Every half year after our uni finals ever since 2011 we pay a visit to Adriano Zumbo Patissier at Balmain where we choose several cakes (minimum of one per person), take it back to the city,  hijack food court seats, and demolish. New creations usually appear every half year so it works out well. Bonding over cake is the best :3

2013-11-23 13.16.02-1

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42. PappaRich: Malaysian Delights

Since my PappaRich experience in Melbourne back in July this year, I had always wanted to go back but you know, it’s a plane ride away. $$$.  But good news for me, a branch opened up in Chatswood, Sydney – Yay! It’s probably been around for a few months now but it escaped my radar til it was mentioned to me a short while back during a roti discussion. I love roti. So what better way to celebrate the end of exams (possibly forever; hopefully forever) than nomming on Malaysian delights with some friends :)


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41. Tom N Toms, Where Study N Food Unite (for me)

The longer you’re there, the more food you’re bound to order. And that’s exactly what happens when I go study here at Tom N Toms. Or maybe that’s just me. It’s probably just me. Oink.

2013-11-15 14.48.21_wm

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40. Midnight Maccas Run

I’m currently in my exam period (STRESS!), hence my lack of posts, but thought I’d just post a quick one for procrastination’s sake. So why post about McDonald’s of all things? Because it was my first official midnight Macca’s run at 12 on the dot, woooo! Please don’t tell me I’m deprived – I know. And much as it mightn’t excite some of you, I was super excited! Other than that, I was also thinking along the lines of fast food, fast post :D

2013-11-12 00.07.29-1

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